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Dark Prog

BearTone is the solo project of Jason Mulcahy, a Garden Route based musician, instrument-maker, and producer. He started his adventures into sound and performance with the didgeridoo, african djembe and various traditional and experimental wind instruments, where he shared his passion for live organic trance music through the opening and closing of outdoor festivals with sound journeys and ceremonies. These experiences, coupled with his love for music, lead him towards a new path of following ones' passions, which ultimately saw him take the leap away from the city and his corporate monkey-suite wearing lifestyle, into the bush where he now makes music and instruments full-time, while learning the skills of living in the wilds and off the land. Wherever possible, he likes to fuse his organic influences with the digital world to weave a psychedelic tale through sound. He believes that every performance is like telling a story, which requires different textures, bpm's, and emotions - from dream-like ambient , to dark and groovy progressive, to full-on psychedelic….. Jason also collaborates and perform live with the other acts like EarthTone and Ward 10 as well as opening and closing sound journeys at outdoor festivals. Links: https://www.facebook.com/BearToneSA/

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