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Full on Nighttime Psy

I have always been enthusiastically fascinated with how people react to music, how a song is able to quiet the mind’s chatter, and take the role of a main focus point, creating a bubble consisting of only you and the melody drifting through the speaker. In 2016 I decided to channel my love for music and fascination with the effects it has on people through djing. I began playing in the field of progressive trance at 145bpm, releasing funky baselines, high energy driven tracks with the number plate “Tubbs”. As I travelled further along this path, my connection to playing around with music was fueling me in ways I didn’t even know were possible. So with a full tank I continued trotting along, and in doing so fumbled upon the nighttime psytrance well… in I went and out came “Cuerious”, a rebirth so fitting to my new found style of choice. While change had occurred, I stayed connected to my roots by playing high energy, cheeky bass driven tracks through the 148-155 bpm Spectrum I was now pushing out. My cruising through continued and I found myself venturing down the road of full on psytrance as well as full on forest, I knew this is where I wanted to set up camp for a while: punchy baselines and a mind boggling atmosphere. This space allowed for fishing with the music: throwing out one sound, bringing it back only to throw out something else that keeps you on our toes and cuerious about what will come next.

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