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Killawatt & Particular are the solo Psychedelic Trance projects of Byron Sampson from Cape Town, South Africa. I always find myself writing two different styles of psy trance so decided to split it with two different names. Originally I've always being Killawatt but now I have a newer one called Particular. I really enjoy the groovy night time psychedelic full on and the dark forest early morning vibes. So now I can distinguish between the two: D Killawatt: This is my darker sometimes higher tempo ranging from 148 – 160 bpm. Glitchy, atmospheric and occasionally hi tech or Forest sounding project aimed for the earlier hours of the morning. This is a project I am very excited to experiment with where I have no boundaries and anything goes. No formula, just messing around to see what new things I can come about with synthesis. Twisted FX sounds, Crunchy leads, big atmospheres and lower bass lines with a slightly groovy feel. Particular: This is my “lighter” project which tempo ranges from 145 – 148 bpm. To me I would call it a day time project however most would say it’s more for the night time psychedelic full on vibe. Driving leads, grainy FX, glitch percussion FX lines and groovier bass lines with higher energy compared to Killawatt. I’m super stoked to have this one going and will have lots of tunes posted eventually :D Also check out my duo project Higherwattska which I do with Highstyle (Looney Moon Rec) @higherwattska

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