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Our Minds Music VA


Our Minds Music proudly presents you with our first ever compilation album. It features all the artists that currently form the Our Minds Music family including the following : Murray John van Vuuren (Jacksource) , Keith Woolacott (Kaziel) , Byron Sampson (Killawatt) , Tersius Kabi ( Kabi) , Corbin Kyle Todd-Duff (Skull & Tones Highstyle) , Pearce van der Merwe (Flooting Grooves) , Sam Gamgee (Psydewise Trogon) , Tyler Archer (Tystix Trogon), Ben Koorts (Killer B) and Regardt van Zyl (Abra) Our Minds Music was founded in December 2015 as a collective along with all these artists and many other creative souls to create a movement which aims to truly inspire and uplift the hearts and imaginations of whoever attends our events and listens to our music. We aim to always offer fresh sounds and experiences to our ever evolving psychedelic scene. We dedicate this album to the true native tribe of Southern Africa , the Koi San , which also forms the basis of our visual theme of the album. The intro and outro contains an extract from the last ever digital recording of a ceremony performed by some of the last remaining bushmen sangomas who all tragically died in a bus accident shortly after the recording was made. About 20 years ago a group who called themselves The Ringing Rock Foundation set aside over 20 million $ in order to digitally record the ceremonial trance music of last remaining 21 tribes spread throughout the world. This is the last recording ever made and may even be the very first digital recording ever made. We would like to thank Kalahari Kris for blessing us with this material which he himself received from Credo Mutwa, a Zulu sangoma from South Africa. He is known as an author of books on stories mixing traditional Zulu folklore, extraterrestrial encounters and his own personally created fables.

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