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Dark Prog

Solara is the psytrance act of Natalia Roux, from Johannesburg, South Africa. She will be forever grateful that music and the performing arts were introduced to her very early in life. Having started dancing at the age of 4, Natalia eventually made a successful career as a performer for many years and established herself as an associate teacher in both tap and jazz disciplines. Life changed for the young Natalia, obsessed with dancing, the moon and space ships, when at the age of 12, a friend introduced her to bands such as The Prodigy and Leftfield. That was the beginning of a beautiful relationship with electronic music. With an ever-growing love and appreciation for the music as well as the movement, Natalia yearned to share this passion with others. She soon became an autodidactic DJ and began performing professionally in 2011. Whilst following labels such as Uroboros, Zenon, Insonitus and No Qualms Records, she discovered an upcoming sub-genre of psytrance dubbed psygressive / dark prog and so in the guise of Solara, became an early ambassador of this amazing movement. Within a few years she signed to Brazilian label Uroboros Records to represent the label in South Africa. Solara is now a very proud member of the Our Minds Music family, where she continues her journey alongside immensely talented artists and producers, many of whom have inspired her and whose music she loves to play out. To date Solara has had the opportunity to play at a variety of electronic music festivals, including Vortex, Altered States, Mozamboogy, Connexion, Elysium, ONE, Twilight, Moksha, Earth Dance and Crater Gathering. Come day or night, Solara’s sound is always chunky, funky, energetic psytrance, coupled with deliciously dark bass lines. A sound inspired by our Universe and it's undiscovered masses, potentially concealing big-ass spaceships and aliens from all of us ツ

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