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Damian de Paul Albert (AKA ‘Sonicdruid’) has been DJing professionally since 1997. The primary music styles he currently plays are: Deep, organic, intelligent electronica, infused with hints of techno. Playing a wide range of electronic music throughout his career has added a sophisticated level of versatility and passion to his music; one that is evident when he’s spinning his magic behind the decks. Each Sonicdruid set has been specifically designed for every event he performs at, keeping true to his sound.

Damian's love of music surfaced at the early age of 15, with regular trips to Bizzare Extension; where he bought mixed vinyls to fill his hunger for more diversity and inspiration. His ambition and love for music and entertainment made it further apparent in his early teens, when Damian and his friends threw small house parties; pinching their parents’ turntables, from stack hi-fi systems and tape decks, for mixing. He grew up to the influences of Acid House and Detroit Techno; a love that has never receded.  
Between 1996 to 2000 he started playing gigs at venues such as Mia Casa (1996), THC (1997), Technics DJ Mix Club (1998), Morgans Cat (1998) and Club Sublime (1998) mixing, for the most part, on vinyl. As a 5-star member of the Technics DJ Mix Club, Sonicdruid entered the DMC DJ competition in 1998 and was placed second. 
In 1999 he got a regular slot at Stonewater, one of the most etablished ‘superclubs’ in Johannesburg at the time. Some of the legendary DJs he played alongside there, were DJ Smila, Steve Strange, DJ Adrian, DJ Dizzy and Jason AKA The Fool from Technics DJ Mix Club, to name a few. 

In 2001 Sonicdruid started a production called Deep InTouch with childhood friend Brian Alderson AKA Nokken - Techno DJ and Producer. Catering for the underground dance scene, they threw several parties over the years and played solo underground gigs around Johannesburg until the production sadly came to an end in 2006.

In 2007 Sonicdruid was born. After attending numerous Psy Trance events, Damian’s love for Psychedelic Trance came into full swing. Later that year he joined forces with Red Eye Productions; a Psychedelic Trance Production and Record Label- founded by DJ and Producer Bennie Koorts AKA-Killer B (Amoeba Records) (Looney Moon Records). Having discovered a Production that shared the same passion and unique sound, Sonicdruid found his place with Red Eye.

Over the years Sonicdruid has played alongside DJs such as Krushed 'n Sorted, Vinni Da Vinci, Pepsi, G-Force, Ian Pooley, DJ Adrian, tHe FoOl, Dogstar, Tamarac, Patrick Talmadge, Mikey Dredd, DJ Fresh, Killer , Zen Mechanics, Chris Palmer, Tim Duster, Bernz, Highstyle, and Electrypnose, to name a few. He has also made appearances on Mix FM, Motswedi FM, YFM, UJFM, and at the SABC Randshow Stage.

2011 marked the start of Stereo Fiction; an exciting collaboration between Sonicdruid and Killer B. With a combined passion for Techno and Psy Breaks, the duo went on to perform at various clubs and festivals over the years to come; offering audiences a mixed bag of fun and surprises with diverse, experimental and playful sets- tailored to a market yearning for something different. 

In 2012 Sonicdruid founded his own production, Funkadelic, and hosted several events under this new banner throughout 2012 and 2013. 2013 brought about the birth of High Fidelity, a new series of themed events also presented by Funkadelic. 2013 was an exciting year and new chapter for Sonicdruid as the first South African label DJ to join Zenon Records an underground label based in Australia, the labels sound can be described as “deep and intelligent with strong lashings of musicality and futuristic sound design a sound that has been a favourite of Sonicdruid for some time now. July 2014 was the birth of Wizards of Trance an underground based event held in Jozi and co hosted by Sonicdruid, Psyco Elf and Sabine Kroll. The event has a magical flavour that is very unique to itself, showcasing some of the best talent around the country but at the same time giving newer artists the chance to be creative and showcase themselves. Wizards of Trance aims to create a comfortable and safe environment where we can all dance as a family while forgetting about our daily blues; letting the ecstatic combination of good people, positive vibrations, elating beats and feet stomping dance take us away with the faeries. 

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