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Our mission & vision
Our mission is to be one of the best possible sources for your Psychedelic music needs. Our Vision is to get there by providing you with what you want! Amazingly intelligent, underground psychedelic music that stirs the soul, stimulates the intellect and inspires the heart.
We aim to bring positive change in both the hearts and minds of the psychedelic community, in order to heighten awareness of ourselves, our environment and each other . We strive to be more than just an arts movement , we aim to become a global community of creative inspiration and an agent of positive change in the re structuring of the projections which we call reality.
The ultimate goal

What is our Ultimate goal? To bring all three divisions together in a way that has never been seen before. To unite our global family and put Our Minds out there in the world to make this beautiful planet a better place for us all to live, love and create in.

What's going on inside our minds

Our Minds has three divisions to its ever evolving thought process.
Music, Art and Design. We love this shit.

Its what makes us tick and adds beauty and range to our ever changing lives. It keeps us challenged and continuously trying new things and pushing new boundaries in the realms of these three divisions. We take it upon ourselves to not get stuck in the same comfort zones. To come up with new concepts and creations in an industry that has no limitations. No boundaries. No concept of man made time and what can or cannot be done. 

"We do it all. We love it all."

We thrive on it all. It's about focusing on everything people say cannot be done, and doing it. Breaking down preconceived notions of what is possible and the word that does not exist in
Our Minds, impossible.

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